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Film & Foil

Cling Film (Cutter Box)

Perforated To Tear Cling Film

Film For Heat Sealing Wedges & Trays

Plain Centre Folded L Sealer Film

    Foil      (Cutter Box)

Plain Single Wound Flow Wrap Film

Jumbo Cling Film

Meat & Shrink Film

Pallet Wrap

Perforated Centre Folded L Sealer Film

Perforated Single Wound Flowrap Film

ABPAC offer an extensive range of polypropylene, shrink, pallet wrap and cling film to suit your requirements.  

Polypropylene films are available in single wound and centre folded, both plain and perforated.

We offer a bespoke printing service for polyprop films for use with your L sealer or flowrap machine, please contact our Sales Team on 01963 824910 or for further information.

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