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Foil Containers / Ovenable Board Trays

Board Ovenable Baking Trays

Custard Pans

Flan Cases

Fluted Cups

Lids to Fit Foils

Oblong & Oval Pie Dishes



Pudding Basins

Retangular Trays

Round Dishes

Round Pans


Smoothwall Containers

Square Rectangular & Compartment Trays

Tart Foils

We stock a large range of foil containers which are temperature resistant, easy to handle and are suitable for chilled, frozen, roasted and baked products. They include patty and custard pans, saucers, flan cases, round pans, dishes, plates, fluted cups, gastronorms, trays and a range of liddable containers.

Coloured foils are available in certain profiles.

We offer a range of smoothwall foil containers and lidding film to suit. Machinery to seal smoothwall foils is also available.
We supply hand and semi-automatic die machines for blocking pastry into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit almost all foil containers.We also stock a range of ovenable board baking trays. 

Please contact our Sales Team for further information on 01963 824910 or email

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