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Cake Boards & Cards

1500 mic Plain Silver Cut Edge Boards

Polyprop Boards (Square & Oblong)

1500 mic Round Polyprop Boards

Single Thick Cards (Round & Square)

1500 mic Round Silver Embossed Cut Edge

White Card Circles

Cake Drums (Heart, Hexagonal & Oval)

White Card Poly Coated Collars

Cake Drums

(Round & Square)

Coloured Cake Drums

Double Thick Cake Cards (Round & Square)

Gold Cut Edge (Round, Oblong & Square)

ABPAC offer an extensive range of cake boards, cake drums, cake cards and collars in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials.

We are also able to cut to size card and board products to suit your requirements.

Please contact our Sales Team for further information on 01963 824910 or email

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