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Cases & Bake In Moulds

Bake In Moulds

Muffin Cases

Chocolate Glassine

Oblong Greaseproof Cases

Chocolate Ring

Petit Four Cases And Boxes To Suit

Cupcake Cases

Plain White Round Cases

Floral Paper Cases

Round Greaseproof Cases

Florentine Cases

Round Silicone Cases

Fresh Cream Cases

Tulip Muffin Cases

Gold & Silver Cases

We offer an extensive range of paper cases in a variety of materials, colours, designs, shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.

Also available are a range of biodegradable bakeable moulds and trays.

A bespoke printing service is available for many of these products, please see our bespoke section for details or contact our Sales Team on 01963 824910 or email for further information

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